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PT. Stabilised Pavements Indo is part of the Stabilisation Services Group with its main office on Batam Island and its operational office at Pekanbaru – Riau Province, Indonesia. Since its formation in 2001, PT. Stabilised Pavements Indo has become the leader in the provision of pavement recycling, road stabilisation and road profiling services in Indonesia.

PT. Stabilised Pavements Indo has adopted as its work priorities: Safety, Quality, and Production. These priorities are supported by strong management and all its employees. The company also holds international Quality Assurance certification as set out under ISO 9001:2000 and safety certification under OHSAS 18001:1999.

PT. Stabilised Pavements Indo offers its services principally within Indonesia, and is able to undertake the following activities:

⦁ Stabilisation of road pavements, hard-standing areas, airports, haul roads, etc
⦁ Profiling, removal, and replacement of the sub grades
⦁ Provision of wearing courses, such as single and double coat chip seals.
The company is also the leading company in the development of new and upgraded specifications and Indonesian Standards. Since established at 2001, PT. Stabilised Pavements Indo has carried out over 800 kilometres of road improvements for a variety of clients including:
⦁ PT. Chevron Pacific Indonesia (PT. CPI)
⦁ PT. Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper (PT. RAPP)
⦁ Santos Oil and Gas
⦁ Public Work Departments at Provincial and Local levels
⦁ Department of Transport
⦁ PT. Asian Agri

PT. Stabilised Pavements Indo has the specialised resources, equipment and know-how to advise, investigate, design and execute projects to ensure that our customers’ needs are met.

Indonesia PT Stabilised Pavements Indo
Head Office

Tel: +62 21 7455099
Fax: +62 21 7455099

PT Stabilised Pavements IndoJl.
Puri Bintaro 9 Complex Puri Bintaro Block PB 6 No. 4
RT. 003 / RW. 009 Sawah Baru Ciputat,
Tangerang Selatan – Banten – 15413

Terrence C Loadsman
Gunawan Sagala

Mobile: 0811 766 874 (Terry)
Mobile: 0811 760 852 (Gunawan)

Operation Support Office

Tel: +62 761 45850
Fax: +62 761 36480

Central Management Office Jl. Bandeng No.34
Tangkerang Tengah Pekanbaru – Riau – 28282

Ashari Nasution / Eldwin Syarif

Mobile:+62 812 755 8393 (Ashari)
Mobile:+62 812 759 1197 (Eldwin)

Duri Operation – Workshop

Tel: +62 765 560102
Fax: +62 765 560102

Jl. Raya Duri – Dumai Km. 7
Duri – 28882 Kab. Bengkalis – Riau

Miduk Manalu

Mobile: 0812 759 5076

Cirebon Operation

Adeng Gandira

Tel: +62 231 341717
Fax: +62 231 341717

Jl. Simangu No. 1 Ds. Kasugengan Lor,
Depok Cirebon – 45155
(Samping Perum Graha Arkha) Jawa Barat

PT Stabilised Pavements Indonesia

Operation Support Office

Duri Operation - Workshop

Cireborn Operations