Our drive to be industry leaders has enabled us to contribute to many innovations throughout the industry that have influenced the technology, processes and solutions that are employed throughout the industry today.

Amongst SPA’s many proud achievements towards industry innovation in Australia are:

  • Pioneering the Deep Lift Stabilisation process, through research with the RTA and also by importing and operating the first large reclaimer/stabilisers (CMI RS500 Reclaimers) on these projects
  • Being the first to introduce many significant new developments in mixing machines, not only the CMI RS500’s, but also the CMI RS650’s and the Wirtgen WR2500’s
  • Reintroducing Foamed Bitumen Stabilisation to the Australian market with updated machinery and technical knowledge (“Stabilfoam”)
  • Being intimately involved in the introduction of various blended cements and designer blend additives such as lime with slag and/or flyash
  • Being at the forefront in development and construction of the most accurate and dust free binder spreaders
  • Helping found and develop the Australian Stabilisation Industry Association (AustStab) which is now known and the Pavement Recycling and Insitu Stabilisation Association
  • Leading the way in achieving and maintaining high technical standards and disseminating knowledge to State Road Authorities, Local Government and Private Contractor clients throughout the industry
  • Being at the forefront in the formulation of specifications (now with AustStab)
  • Developing a complementary road profiling service (including mill and fill operations) with an innovative fleet of profilers to assist with pavement preparation works
    • Easy access foamed bitumen test point
    • Fit for purpose water systems to ensure accurate addition of moisture and homogenous mixing
    • Improved mixing rotor configuration and ground engaging tool design to improve rotor durability and mix qualityModification of plant ‘after market’ to improve plant safety and technical ability including:
  • Playing a significant role in the delivery of industry education programs through CPEE/Auststab and contributions to industry bodies such as ARRB and IPWEA.
  • Recent development of alternate foaming agent for foamed bitumen to improve safety and quality
  • Addition of spray sealing division in Qld to compliment the pavement rehabilitation services we offer in order to reduce cost, risk and procurement administration for clients

It is this commitment to developing and improving the industry that enables SPA to position itself as one of the true market leaders in the field of pavement rehabilitation in Australia. We are able to bring this level of commitment, experience and knowledge to our clients to ensure they are provided with unrivalled level of service and technical support.