We have recently had our company logo endorsed with ‘STRENGTH & FLEXIBILITY’ being assigned as our governing brand. Strength & Flexibility not only defines who we are, but how we operate and also reflects the stabilised pavement outcomes we produce.
Since 1984 SPA have demonstrated Strength & Flexibility across numerous industries and continue to support and encourage growth internally as an employer of choice.

Our December 2017 recipient of the Brian Kratzmann Award


Stabilised Pavements is pleased to announce Te Hau Blackman as the recipient of the Brian Kratzmann Award of Excellence for December 2017.

Te Hau Blackman started with SPA in WA in late 2013 as one of our cement spreader operators. On all of our jobs Te Hau demonstrates a high level of consistency in the quality of work performed in terms of both physical work and record keeping.

Every supervisor requests as their preference to have Te Hau on their project. Client representatives are always commenting on Tea Hau’s impressive work onsite.

Te Hau always has the company in mind before anything else, working his hardest to deliver the very best.

Special mention must be made to our other finalists Jason Bourke and Wayne Harvey from New South Wales. These special contributions continue in assisting the development and future of Stabilised Pavements of Australia.

Our June 2017 recipient of the Brian Kratzmann Award


Stabilised Pavements is pleased to announce Andrew Middleton as the recipient of the Brian Kratzmann Award of Excellence for June 2017.

Andrew has been an employed with Stabilised Pavements since 1989 and is one of the most valued employees within the company. Andrew epitomises Stabilised Pavements through and through, with his attitude and enthusiasm for the company and the industry.

Special mention must be made to our other finalists Chevy Fields from South Queensland and Kerrie Atfield from North Queensland.

Promoting knowledge sharing across our  international businesses


Last week Stabilised Pavements of Australia hosted the Stabilised Pavements Group of companies at our NSW office to promote knowledge sharing across our various international businesses. The session had a strong focus on the transfer of technical knowledge and ideas from our experiences and was a great way for individual company leaders to exchange ideas across the group.

Our latest recipient of the Brian Kratzmann Award


Congratulations to Zac Davis of our North Queensland region who is our latest recipient of the Brian Kratzmann Award. Zac is currently our NQ profiling supervisor and his commitment to our customers, safety and plant maintenance are continued features of his day to day commitment to SPA and the service we provide. Well done Zac and also to our other finalists. The nominations for this award are always a great reminder of the wonderful range of dedicated contributions made from our team.

AustStab Young Stabiliser of the Year


Congratulations to Jed Martin, who was the recipient of the AustStab Young Stabiliser of the Year at the AustStab Awards of Excellence. The award recognises young stabilising professionals or field staff aged 35 years or younger who have:

• realised competence and significant achievement in pavement stabilising;
• a demonstrated understanding of the role and purpose of the stabilisation in construction industry; and
• have proficiency in the use of communication skills in stabilisation projects.

Jed’s achievement earned him a write up in the latest edition of the Roads & Civil Works Australia magazine, which covers Jed’s story of becoming an engineer and how he got to where he is today. Take a read here.

Back again to where we began over 30 years ago! 


Congratulations to our NSW team who recently secured works with the council that SPA completed its second ever project with over 30 years ago. Its satisfying to know we have been contributing towards sustainable road rehabilitation through pavement recycling for such an extended period. Think about the number of tonnes of exported waste and imported virgin materials that this one council has saved over that time period, not to mention the cost savings on whole of life asset management!