Pavement Recycling and Widening at Bundeena Drive, Sutherland Shire Council


Pavement Recyclers (a subsidiary division of SPA) completed rehabilitation and widening of a 2km section of Bundeena Drive in the Royal National Park for Sutherland Shire Council. Spanning almost 10km in total, Bundeena Drive has been rehabilitated in other sections using conventional stabilisation or asphalt. The new Foamed Asphalt process allowed increased efficiency, with simultaneous recycling and widening over 1km stages all in a single pass of the ‘train’.

This work has entailed removing material from the existing shoulder, placing a 75mm overlay on the existing pavement and adding material to the excavated shoulder. The Foamed Asphalt was used to treat the material in each carriageway to 3.8m width, but paved out to 5.1m wide at 210mm depth prior to final compaction.

The initial pavement of 6m full width (3m per lane) has not only been rehabilitated using Foamed Asphalt recycling, but the formation has been widened to a full width of 10m with two, consistent 1.8m shoulder/bicycle ways either side of the road. This has all been done saving time and money and with minimal environmental impact compared to other alternatives Council would have considered.