Foamed Asphalt Pavement Recycling at Northbourne Avenue, Canberra

As part of major infrastructure renewal happening at Northbourne Avenue in Canberra, Pavement Recyclers (a subsidiary division of SPA) assisted with the upgrade of 1.3km of road pavement between Macarthar Ave and Mouat St.

The original project plan was to remove the existing pavement and replace with conventional deep lift asphalt, with extensive subgrade replacement – a program scheduled across 26 weeks.

As an alternative, Pavement Recyclers recycled the existing road using the Foamed Asphalt process, reducing the project to only 6 weeks.

Pavement Recyclers were engaged to assist head contractor Woden Contractors deliver the project for ACT Government

The ACT Government is the first State Authority to use this innovative pavement recycling to upgrade road pavements. Compared with the original project plan, Foamed Asphalt had massive sustainability benefits:

    5,500 tonnes of existing material was recycled on site
    Imported materials to site was reduced by 65%
    Fast work program of only 6 weeks total including wearing course compared to 26 weeks
    Cost savings associated with the overall more efficient process.

A Sustainability Assessment undertaken on the project estimated a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 87%.