Quality Policy

Stabilised Pavements of Australia Pty Ltd (SPA) is an Australian-owned company which has chosen to lead in the road and industrial pavement stabilisation industry. The purpose of this policy is to confirm our commitment to deliver the quality expected by our customers in the products and/or services that we supply to them. This quality policy applies equally to members of management, all employees, and also to contractors engaged by SPA.

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Workplace Health and Safety Policy

Stabilised Pavements of Australia is committed to ensuring that we provide a safe workplace for all employees, subcontractors, visitors and the general public through encouraging a zero harm environment.

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Environmental Policy

Stabilised Pavements of Australia Pty Ltd (SPA) is a specialist soil stabilisation and road recycling contracting business, providing services in the construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of pavements within NSW, Queensland and Victoria. SPA believes that its core activities of pavement recycling techniques are a fundamental component of responsible, environmentally sustainable pavement construction and maintenance management. It is SPA’s policy to achieve a high standard of environmental care in conducting its business as a road maintenance and construction company contributing to society’s material needs.

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