Stabilised Pavements operates a fleet of stabilisation and recycling equipment that includes the very latest technological advances, putting the Stabilised Pavements Group at the forefront of the industry. The Stabilised Pavements fleet of stabilisation and recycling machines consists of a wide range of equipment.


Conventional Reclaimer/Stabilisers (machines with approx. 300-400 hp) within the Stabilised Pavements fleet include Raygo, Caterpiller, Bitelli and Komatsu stabilisers as well as CMI RS 425’s. They compliment the Stabilised Pavements fleet of large reclaimer/stabilisers.

These mixers are suitable for the intimate mixing of gravels, clays and natural soils. They are also fitted with reclaiming rotors, meaning they are also suitable for stabilising or recycling existing pavements, up to depths of around 300mm, without the need to pre-rip.


Large Reclaimer/Stabilisers (machines of 500hp or greater) within the Stabilised Pavements fleet are the most modern, state-of-the-art equipment available. Included in the fleet are the CMI RS500’s and RS 650’s and the Wirtgen WR2500’s and WR2500K’s. These large Reclaimer/Stabilisers are capable of high production outputs and mixing to depths of up to 400mm with the CMI’s, or up to 500mm with the Wirtgen models. They compliment the Stabilised Pavements fleet of conventional reclaimer/stabilisers.

Through the use of these machines, Stabilised Pavements has pioneered the introduction of deep lift stabilisation in Australia over the last decade or so. The Wirtgen Reclaimer/Stabilisers are also fitted with state-of-the-art foamed bitumen stabilisation technology, while the Wirtgen WR2500K incorporates the Stabilised Pavements Enclosed Integrated Spreading System.

Narrow Width (Shoulder)

In effecting stabilisation works, it would often be advantageous to be able to reclaim and mix in narrower widths than those of standard stabilising machines, whilst maintaining the power and quality of such machines. The reasons for this may be to achieve a narrower finished product, as a result of services, to reduce sealing requirements or simply for production efficiency. For those projects, Stabilised Pavements has a variable width Reclaimer/Stabiliser available, a machine with the power of our conventional Reclaimer/Stabilisers, specifically adapted by ourselves to meet industry requirements. This unit combines variable cutting widths of 1.0m, 1.5m and 1.8m with all the features of our conventional reclaimer/Stabilisers, such as the ability to fully reclaim the existing seal or asphalt layer, variable mixing depths of up to 300mm and our own specially adapted water injection system.

The variable width Reclaimer/Stabiliser is also complimented by our range of variable width spreaders.

Use of the variable width reclaimer/Stabiliser is suitable for:

⦁ Shoulder work
⦁ Patchwork
⦁ Lane widening
⦁ Working around services or other features