Reconstruction of Longlands Gap – Herberton Road


⦁ Quality based project result that will benefit the local community
⦁ Ability to combine diverse plant range with project management skills

In May 2014, SPA successfully completed delivery of PEND 1760 on behalf of Qld Transport and Main Roads in the Far North Region. The project involved the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the Longlands Gap – Herberton Rd over a duration of approximately 7 months.

The works included widening of cuttings, bulk earthworks, construction of embankments, drainage structures (including culverts, kerb and table drains), pavement reconstruction, pavement stabilisation, wearing course and road furniture.

Challenges encountered on the project included heavy rainfall events, removal of hard rock during excavation and limited local supply of resources and materials. The SPA project management team worked well through the challenges in conjunction with TMR to produce a quality based project result that will benefit the local community needs.

During construction, the project experienced a significant rainfall event that cut access through the project and resulted in substantial scouring of embankments and the road reserve. TMR and SPA evaluated the impact and implemented an improved pavement design which included cement stabilisation to assist in withstanding future events and decrease the likelihood of future loss.

The project enabled SPA to once again demonstrate our ability to combine our extensive labour and plant resources with our project management skills to provide rehabilitation and reconstruction solutions at a project level.