SPA Delivers another Successful Mining Project in Queensland

SPA has recently completed another successful pavement rehabilitation project on a mine access road in Queensland meeting both budgeted cost and time requirements.

The project scope involved the rehabilitation of approximately 4km of existing pavement including improvement of drainage structures and rehabilitation of existing pavement layers. The original pavement design included provisions for use of virgin aggregate materials and subsequent construction waste however these items were minimised across the project to ensure a more sustainable method of pavement rehabilitation.

The works methodology including the following sequencing:

⦁ Improvements to drainage structures and pavement interface
⦁ Profiling and sidecasting existing basecourse
⦁ Lime stabilisation of existing subgrade materials
⦁ Reinstatement of basecourse materials
⦁ Foamed bitumen stabilisation or cement stabilisation of basecourse
⦁ Application of primerseal and PMB seal coat
⦁ Line marking

The project aimed to not only rehabilitate the existing pavement and increase the strength to cope with increased traffic loading but to also provide a safer journey for many of the staff who work at the mine on a daily basis.

Delivered within the original budgeted cost of just over $3.5M and in line with the clients required timeframe, the project has been yet another success for SPA in delivering works of this nature for Australia’s resources industry.

This project demonstrates the value the client has received in not only utilising our specialised rehabilitation skills, but also our engineering and project management capability to reduce project delivery costs and improve the solution provided for the end user.