Stabilised Pavements International

Stabilised Pavements International operates one of the world’s largest and most modern fleets of insitu stabilisation and recycling equipment. The company’s head offices are in Australia. The senior management team has over 30 years contracting experience in the stabilisation and recycling of pavements.

SPI’s focus is to use its technology and engineering expertise to develop efficient, effective and environmentally sustainable solutions; optimising the engineering properties of soils and pavement construction materials.

SPI has developed a number of successful international joint venture businesses. These businesses aim to build on the individual strengths of each of the venture partners – SPI’s unique technologies and stabilisation techniques and the local partner’s contact network and intimate knowledge of local market conditions, cultures and philosophies.

Our business is not just about machinery. The SPI group’s success is based on the experience, training, engineering and innovation skills and personal motivation of the workforce. As a leading specialist in stabilisation and road recycling, SPI has developed a team of talented and experienced engineers, supervisors and field staff all of whom are given detailed training in theory and practice. We are therefore able to provide professional advice on pavement and mix designs and construction methodologies with a focus on delivering solutions that meet the client’s criteria but often in a creative rather than conventional way.

The Stabilised Pavements group has remained at the forefront of technology and is actively involved in developing processes, in conjunction with road agencies, such as deep lift stabilisation for the economical rehabilitation of pavements.

The senior management of the company has been largely responsible for the wide acceptance and success of stabilisation and road recycling in Australia and a number of other countries. One of the keys to success has been the Company’s focus on work standards, field process and management controls, training and attention to detail. The Company has developed an approved quality management system which was specifically developed for stabilisation and recycling operations.

Stabilised Pavements International operates in the UK, Malaysia and Indonesia

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