Value Add – Engineering Solutions

At SPA we look to add value to relationships within industry through our ability to provide engineering consultation during project inception, planning and delivery phases.

With our team of qualified and experienced pavement engineers, we look to provide solutions to clients who are looking for cost effective and innovative ways to solve engineering challenges.

Some of the value add engineering features we provide at no cost include pavement alternatives, environmental impact analysis and technical training in pavement recycling and rehabilitation.

Environmental Footprint – Developing Sustainable Solutions

In today’s engineering world, society demands cost effective and sustainable solutions that are fit for purpose with a high level of accountability placed on policy makers to ensure asset owners are delivering for the community.

Through the compilation of industry based analysis tools, SPA has developed simple means of analysing the environmental footprint of pavement construction activities. By combining project specific inputs and outputs and in combination with developed, industry based environmental performance measures, we’re able to quantify and graph outcomes for comparative evaluation.

This analysis looks at the following key aspects:

  • What material inputs and outputs each rehabilitation treatment option includes;
  • The associated construction activities and;
  • The impacts of transport movements throughout the life of the project.

From this information we are able to present a summary of the relative environmental construction impacts with a focus on the following performance indicators:

  • CO2 emissions
  • Fossil fuel consumption
  • Quantity of construction waste generated
  • Quantity of virgin material use
  • Quantity of recycled materials (insitu and exsitu)
  • Total length of transport movements

To obtain an analysis for your project, contact your local regional manager or our General Manager, Business Development to find out how to get started.

Engineering Solutions – Pavement Treatment Alternatives

As leaders in pavement rehabilitation innovation, SPA’s engineering staff work collaboratively with clients to find pavement treatment alternatives that are cost effective and fit for purpose.

 Understanding existing pavement materials, subgrade conditions and standard pavement design inputs enables us to determine what treatment options are available, and how these can be applied to solve pavement rehabilitation challenges.

From advice on potential options at concept phase, through to fully project managed, turn key solutions, our ability to engage our engineering experience provides clients with tailored opportunities to complement their resources and individual strengths in order to deliver on objectives.

Our pavement treatment alternatives can be supported by empirical concept designs for budget consideration, through to formal mechanistic pavement designs to provide due diligence to asset owners.

In order to supplement our internal capability, we utilise a network of geotechnical and design resources throughout the Australian pavement industry. These resources are drawn upon for knowledge of local conditions or to provide input from their area of expertise. With a national footprint, we can provide a level of confidence that your project is giving consideration to the best solution available.

To engage with our engineering team and investigate the options for your project, contact your local regional manager or our General Manager, Business Development to find out how to get started.

Free Technical Training

Do you like to ensure your team continues in their professional development and is attuned to opportunities on how to provide cost effective solutions for pavement rehabilitation and reconstruction?

 At SPA, we provide technical training to industry at no cost or obligation and can tailor technical sessions for any specific need. From the basics of construction activities, through to detailed design processes for specific treatments, our engineering team have access to a library of educational materials and are ready to deliver.

To supplement our internal capacity, our engineering team are at the forefront of delivering technical papers at conferences, presenting at CPEE courses and providing lectures at Universities which ensures we maintain a diverse range of experience and skills in educating current and future pavement industry leaders.

To discuss your current educational needs and evaluate how we can assist, contact your local regional manager or our General Manager, Business Development to find out how to get started.