What We Do

SPA have a range of profiling resources for road profiling and bulk excavation. With 1 & 2 metre machines available cutting to varying depths to suit the client’s needs. With decisive maneuverability, state of the art leveling systems and high production rates, our profiling capability includes providing the following services:

⦁ Technical Advice
⦁ Cross blending of pavement materials
⦁ Premilling of bound materials
⦁ Asphalt removal & key ins
⦁ Earthworks
⦁ Single pass blend and remove
⦁ Bulk excavation
Haulage of material


What We Do

Stabilised Pavements of Australia provides all types of spray sealing services through our North Queensland operations to service TMR and RoadTek, local government, the mining sector and other private industry clients.

Our range of services are provided through experienced staff who can supply prime, primer seal, seal coat and PMB treatments and assist with seal design and material supply to suit any clients individual requirements.

Our plant fleet has been specially configured to ensure we are able to provide quality work in a safe manner with a focus on long haul establishment to be able to service both urban and rural clients alike throughout the northern and central regions of Queensland. Our crews have a strong commitment to the Bowen Basin and we have mine compliant plant and qualified personnel.

Our spray seal division can also supplement our other pavement construction and rehabilitation capabilities to enable clients to take advantage of our ability to provide a ‘one stop shop’ for pavement treatment works including design and construct.


What We Do

Over the last twenty years Stabilised Pavements have constructed numerous projects for the mining industry. These range from township roads to major haul roads, access roads and hard stand areas.

SPA have now formed a specialised mining division with expertise from both the road construction and mining industries. Our processes allow the use of otherwise unsuitable or substandard materials in the construction of haul and access roads Benefits of our services include;

⦁ Safer haul & access roads
⦁ Increased traction
⦁ Reduced road maintenance costs
⦁ Reduction in water use
⦁ Increased pavement life
⦁ Reduction in airborne dust
⦁ Increased braking capacity
⦁ Reduced fleet maintenance costs
⦁ Strengthened pavement material

Project delivery

To complement our vast contracting experience, SPA maintains a strong internal project management capacity with a proven ability to deliver projects that focus on maintaining a successful safety culture while meeting or exceeding cost and time budget expectations.
Our project management resources include qualified civil engineers, project managers, project supervisors and CQRs who are supplemented by safety and environmental officers to enable us to independently manage all aspects of project delivery.

Our capacity allows us to not only deliver large pavement rehabilitation and reconstruction projects but also project manage preconstruction phases with clients including project scope, investigation, pavement design, budgeting and stakeholder management.

Plant and Transport

To complement the road construction services of SPA the company operates a transport division which includes floating of machinery, bitumen and powder binder transport throughout Australia.

Plant services are also available with the availability of graders, rollers and water carts available to contract out.
Please feel free to contact any of our regions for information and pricing.